who we are

SampleGurus is a team of experienced research professionals that will customize a sample program to fit your individual project needs. Everyday, we deliver thousands of completes on the toughest of audiences in niche categories. As an extension of your team, SampleGurus is committed to the greatest customer service hinged on responsiveness, flexibility and creative solutions to enable your research project to reach it’s highest potential.

what we do

We are data collection. Powered by Quest Mindshare, a leading provider of online sample, SampleGurus was created to meet the changing needs of researchers and their unique study requirements. With access to proprietary panels and a network of suppliers vetted for quality, SampleGurus is your one-stop shop for all things data collection.

our respondents

SampleGurus will bring the voices of the online universe to your study. With sample specialists that intimately understand challenging quotas and the intricacies associated with specific project and country requirements, our experienced team will advise on your study and put together a sample plan that meets your timeline and your budget.

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SampleGurus has an extensive and flexible access to panel members across the globe. For both B2B and Consumer audiences, SampleGurus can target by a number of profile attributes.

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The SampleGurus's Project Management team is second to none. With years of experience and a dedicated team for each project, we will ensure that your studies are completed flawlessly.

Project Management

When it comes to programming services, our team is proficient in all levels of survey scripting. From Custom HTML and PHP to Max Diff to Conjoint, SampleGurus has a solution for any need.


SampleGurus access to panel resources enables coverage over a wide range of consumers. Everything from niche groups like patient specific or unique product users to wide ranging, major media market segments, are available. SampleGurus leverages a team of 45 project managers that have delivered on every possible consumer audience in the online research space. SampleGurus ensures quality with the use of management technology, Quest TITAN™, and security through Quest DETECT™.


  • Monthly Personal Income
  • Monthly Household Income
  • Monthly Household Expense
  • Marital Status
  • Gender and Age of the children in the household
  • Highest Education Level


  • Car Owner
  • Number of cars in the household
  • Make and Model of car
  • Purchase year
  • Types of vehicles
  • Types of Driver’s licenses


  • Type of mobile phone owned
  • Mobile phone carrier for private usage
  • Smartphone model


  • Travel experience in the past year
  • Frequency of trip overseas (Business/Leisure) in the past 12 months
  • Country traveled for private trip
  • Country traveled for business trip

Business Respondents

  • C Level Execs
  • Small Business Owners
  • ITDM
  • and more!


  • Patients
  • Ailments


For in the moment research, there’s no time for dilly dallying. Your project can launch minutes after you say “Go!”


You know your target and we have the numbers. There’s no limit to the SampleGurus reach.


You need to compromise on quality to achieve the big audiences, fast… right? WRONG! Don’t ever compromise on quality with SampleGurus.